Modern, Comprehensive ERP software for well-integrated and streamlined Hospital Operations

A comprehensive Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) must go beyond patient care and clinical management. Agile Health’s ERP software treats the Hospital as a growing Enterprise and covers the full gamut of activities involved in running a Healthcare institution. BizzOps is modern, digital-friendly, secure, scalable and customizable. It helps you make the leap from a localized and reactive style of management, to a more multi-location and proactive style of management.

Highlights of the software

  • • Control your Business from anywhere

  • • Manage multiple locations from a single software

  • • Integrate seamlessly with Vendors and Corporate clients

  • • Move from a reactive to proactive style of management

  • SECURITY: BizzOps is built using the Axpert platform and includes a powerful, flexible, role-based security model to protect your data. The 3-way security model incorporates:

  • CUSTOMIZABILITY: Axpert provides the flexibility of modifying forms, defining workflows and comes with configurable widgets and reports. Being a low code platform, Axpert offers on-the-fly definition of forms and widgets, which make it easy to customize any application built on this platform.

  • SCALABILITY: The level of scaling that can be achieved on Axpert is directly dependent on the capability of the server. When a strong RDBMS (database) is used, scaling does not become an issue at all. The architecture of the Axpert platform is such that it can support any volume of data and any number of concurrent users; provided your Server configuration is strong enough to scale.

Some features of the software

Finance Management

Asset Management

Budgeting & Control

Inventory Management


Procurement Management

Sales Management

Tax Compliance

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