Manage Your Retail Business On the Move

If your retail business is a grocery, pharmacy, jewelry store, restaurant or any other business, these secure, and on-the-cloud apps can help you in managing your retail business anytime, from anywhere and through any device.

Presenting 4 intelligent apps that:

  • • Simplify your retail business from inventory to point of sale

  • • Effectively manage operations for busy retail business owners

  • • Deliver customized retail solutions across businesses

Pharmacy App

  • • Easy user registration with just a couple of Swipes

  • • Detailed cataloguing options enabling comprehensive search options for medications

  • • Smart alerts and push notifications for efficient pharmacy operations

  • • Real-time tracking of medication order from request to delivery

  • • Online prescription-based delivery with instant inventory check and delivery

  • • Extensive payment options, from online payments to PoD

Payment Gateway App

  • • Smartly integrate through-the-app payment option with any bank for your customers

  • • Provide your customers extensive payment options, from PoD to net banking

  • • Manage your expenses efficiently, tracking cash flow in real time

  • • Deliver your customers a hassle-free payment experience

  • • Effortlessly integrate smart digital wallet options into your retail business

Stock Taking and Asset Tracker App

  • • Your end-to-end inventory manager

  • • Tracks inventory in real time using barcode

  • • Dynamic update of inventory status

  • • Instant stock alerts and inventory optimization options

  • • Extensive data analytics and reporting

PO App

  • • Stay on top of your retail business’s financial status – from cash flow

  • • Consolidate your business’s financial framework from quote to invoice

  • • Track every payment and billing activity in real time

  • • Manage all your financial functionalities from your smart phone

  • • Customize the app to fit the specific requirements of your retail business

m-Commerce App

  • • End-to-end, mobility-driven, user-friendly experience

  • • Integrates all functionalities from selection and purchase to order fulfillment

  • • Extensive menu-based options

  • • Real-time custom tracking of delivery

  • • Automated inventory updates

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